Casal dos Capelinhos

Peso da Régua

Casal dos Capelinhos - Quinta Nova is a Rural Tourism dedicated to excellent accommodation, wine tourism and regional products. The house dates from the middle of the last century (1930), has been completely restored, maintaining its original design. It is divided into the Casa da Quinta (the main house), the Casa dos Caseiros and the Adega dos Lagares, where the grapes were trodden at the foot and today is a modern and comfortable space dedicated to the reception of guests, where is located our farm shop and an ideal place for workshops, wine tasting and events related to our activity.
Casal dos Capelinhos is an integral part of Quinta Nova, a beautiful property located in the magnificent and sumptuous Vale do Rodo, in the heart of the Douro wine region. With a total area of 7 ha, as it should be, the vine is the dominant crop. But Quinta is not just vineyards. It allows our guests to enjoy the hot sun of the Douro and cool off in the elegance of our pool. Let them dare in our orange grove and delight in the sweetness of our oranges. The aroma of the river, lavenders and Wisteria brought by the evening breeze, transport us to another dimension full of peace and harmony in total communion with nature. This environment makes this place the ideal place for guests to enjoy a personalized, quality stay away from the large crowds.

Casal dos Capelinhos, Quinta Nova offers country style rooms with contemporary decor, providing comfort and modernity to all rooms. With a total of 8 rooms, 5 doubles, 1 twin and 2 rooms prepared to receive families: 1 suite with a living room, possibility of 2 extra beds, and a small kitchenette; and 1 suite with two rooms and a small room between the rooms.
All rooms have a private bathroom and all the essential amenities for the rest of our guests.
All our staff is dedicated to a very familiar service, which allows for an excellent involvement of guests with the dynamics of the Quinta.
Obtaining the “Clean and Safe” seal from Turismo de Portugal, which makes us responsible for complying with all the rules and standards issued by the DGS.

Excellent service at the level of meals using fresh, regional, homemade products (jams, sweets, marmalades, yogurts, fruit juices, cakes, etc.), organic fruits and vegetables from our garden and orchard, meat DOP certified “Carne Maronesa”;
Casal dos Capelinhos - Quinta Nova, intends to transform their guests' stay into a real “trip” through the aromas and flavors of the Douro. To this end, we have a series of activities that will increase your levels of satisfaction and pleasure. From our wine to spend, where you can taste our wines 24 hours a day, through wine tasting, carried out inside our mills, through vineyard tours, where you can discover some of the best Douro grape varieties and even the a romantic picnic in the shade of our trees, and enjoying the wines of Casal dos Capelinhos. We will do everything to bring the flavors of Douro and Port wines, in your soul and heart.
The excellence of these activities begins with their exclusivity. All of our wine tourism activities are reserved for our guests, so we guarantee discretion and an extremely personalized service with a family atmosphere, creating an environment conducive to the satisfaction, by carrying out any of the activities, is guaranteed.

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