Marma - 1 Day Journey


MARMA  - 1 Day Journey




- 9H


- 10H-19H



This 1-Day Luxury Tour in the Douro Valley was designed for those who want to enjoy a day in perfect harmony with nature aboard an exclusive cruise on a Vintage Boat.






Douro Valley is a UNESCO protected site, birthplace of Port wine and home of the first demarcated wine region in the world.

Its unique wines and impressive landscapes should be on your bucket list. 


             Welcome drinks

             1 Day Exclusive cruise on a Vintage Wood Boat

             1 Exclusive guided visit with Port Wine Tasting at 1 renowned Winery

             1 Lunch at Michelin Star Chef Rui Paula’s Restaurant

             1 Guided walk tour in the vineyards

             1 Exclusive guided visit with Premium Wine Tasting at 1 renowned Winery

             1 Picnic by the Riverside

             All the insurances required by Turismo de Portugal






Start your journey sailing from Pinhão, a little village located north of the Douro River and centre of the oldest demarcated wine region in the world. Delight yourself with the views to this cultural landscape from the river, listed as a World Heritage Site.

Be amazed by all the sceneries while we set sail to Quinta do Panascal, where you will have the pleasure of tasting some of the best Port Wines in the world.

Besides its beauty, this farm enabled the group FONSECA to become one of the pioneers of organic viticulture, as it converted Panascal in 1992 to serve this organic purpose. This allowed them to produce the first Port made entirely from certified organic vines.

A number of factors combine to make Panascal an exceptional vineyard site.

Located on the steep right bank of the Távora River, Panascal is one of the most highly reputable vineyards in the Douro Valley. In the words of a local saying, 'From Roncão and Panascal come the finest wines of Portugal'. The different elevations of the vineyard allow Quinta do Panascal to produce rich wines, with voluptuous fruitiness, mouth filling density and a velvety texture.

The river will be like a road, with all its secondary roads, and we will be able to sail along one of them, Távora river, a tributary of the Douro River. This tributary will lead us from Panascal back to our main road - The Douro River - and towards DOC, our next stop.

Take a moment here to acknowledge all the wine producing estates that surround you. From our classic wooden boat, you’ll be able to count them all: Quinta do Pôpa, Quinta Nova, Quinta do Crasto, Quinta do Tedo and Quinta dos Murças.

Be ready to be blown away by Michelin Star Chef Rui Paula, who will forever change your palate at his restaurant - DOC.

DOC  is a space to “Taste, Dare and Communicate”, where Rui Paula, with a modern and inventive touch, turns the kitchen into a historical laboratory based on several generations of culinary recipes.

Here, every meal is a unique and a special moment. Either from the glazed room or from the suspended terrace over the river, the view is breathtaking.

After this lovely food moment, we will take you up the river, towards Spain. Don’t worry, we won’t get that far. We will berth in a picturesque place, called Quinta do Ventozelo, and trust me, if you haven’t yet fallen in love with this wine region, this is where the magic will happen.

Ventozelo is one of the largest and oldest wine farms of the Douro Valley. It has passed through different hands over the centuries, hands that have been shaping and transforming it into what it is today. This is a farm that seeks to offer Douro’s genuine welcome to those who come here.

During the year, a lot changes and happens at Quinta de Ventozelo, and you will be able to observe and explore its nature while immersing yourself in its vastness by taking one of the 7 circuits that are available, through different natural settings of the Quinta.

Are you thirsty from all this walking?

A wine tasting awaits you, with some of top wines from Quinta do Ventozelo and there’s no better away to end this, than to grab your glass and enjoy a picnic under the farm’s olive trees by the river.

Sit here, enjoy the view and finish your journey with a beautiful sunset that makes the river shine.

Drop-off will be at Pinhão, where it all started!





10H - Boarding at Pinhão

10H30 - Visit Távora Valley

11H - Exclusive guided visit with Port Wines tasting at Quinta do Panascal

12H30 - Lunch at DOC Restaurant

15H - Walk through the vineyards at Quinta do Ventozelo

16H30 - Exclusive guided visit with Premium Wine tasting at Quinta do Ventozelo

17H30 - Picnic by the riverside

19H - Drop-off at Pinhão

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