Quinta do Pôpa

Quinta do Pôpa

Quinta do Pôpa is a Douro project and has stood out for its difference since its inception. A dream carried by Francisco Ferreira, known as Pôpa; made embryo by his son “Zeca do Pôpa”, with the purchase of part of Quinta do Vidiedo, in 2003; and celebrated in 2010, when both grandchildren of Pôpa entered, the brothers Stéphane and Vanessa. When it comes to Friendly concepts, it has been 'Pet Friendly' for a handful of years and since May 2020 they have been VEGAN-FRIENDLY WINES, certified by BevVeg! International, LLC.

Wines that combine tradition with innovation, with ancestral methods in the vineyard and in winemaking, where treading is done by foot in granite lagares, to be assisted by technology in the cellar; balanced, structured, firm and fresh wines, with a “true sense of place”, that is, loaded with genuineness and a sense of origin.

Under the concept of “Wines of Tributer”, Quinta do Pôpa categorizes its wines into four levels, with the brand 'Contos da Terra' at the base of the pyramid (Entry level); followed by the Selecção range, materialized with five wines: three ‘Pôpa UnOaked’ - white, rosé and red young and aromatic, without aging in wood - and two ‘Pôpa Black Edition’ - white and red with greater expressiveness and volume in the mouth. Under the umbrella of Vinhos de Parcela are ‘Pôpa VV’ (Vinhas Velhas), ‘Pôpa TN’ (Touriga Nacional), ‘Pôpa TR’ (Tinta Roriz) and ‘Pôpa TF’ (Touriga Franca). ‘Pôpa Doce’ (the first sweet red wine from the Douro), ‘Quinta do Pôpa Homenagem’ and ‘Quinta do Pôpa Porto Vintage’ are part of the Limited Editions.


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