Quinta do Tedo – Bistro Terrace

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Junho 5, 2017
Quinta do Tedo
I Love Douro
Quinta do Tedo

Project Description

Your new restaurant between Régua and Pinhão. “Quinta do Tedo” is located in the heart of the Douro Valley, where terraced vineyards climb high above Douro and Tedo rivers, just 15 minutes from Régua and 15 minutes from Pinhão. In May 2017 they opened a new restaurant called Bistro Terrace and we made a visit. From the marvelous view inside the restaurant towards the vineyards and tedo river to the magnificent cuisine of Chef Jessica Torres, we have to say that it was an incredible surprise. Food was so good and the staff is really friendly and nice. With a fair price you can have a full meal with 8 course flavored with a white and red wine. Definitely it’s a must stop place when you visit the valley.

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