About us

The I LOVE DOURO project was born out of a passion for DOURO. We are lovers of this region and we intend to show the DOURO to the world in an innovative and appealing way, in order to promote and divulge the best it has to offer.

Through the sharing of photos in social networks, the #ilovedouro movement was initiated and we sought to work in partnership with local entities such as municipalities, estates, hotels, restaurants, wine producers, in order to boost their business giving them visibility for the entire #ilovedouro community. 

In an entrepreneurial aspect, we work for existing brands and companies at DOURO, providing services ranging from event creation, brand promotion, products or services, digital content creation, photography and realization of promotional videos. And, as talking about DOURO does not make sense without talking about wines, we started the project I LOVE DOURO WINES where we intend to work with small and big producers. If in one hand the wine can be considered the blood of the region, for us the producers are its soul. 

This website came from the need to respond better to requests from our followers for advice on how to run tourist routes in the region, but also for the name DOURO and its magnificent wines to reach the four corners of the world 

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