Hello, we are Joana and André, the Honeymooners!

We are a couple who decided to make their life an eternal “honeymoon”. Both in the trips we make around the world, looking for the most unforgettable and unique experience for two, as in everyday life. We share all these moments, big and small, with our audience of more than 300 000 followers. Always in a sincere, honest, very close and genuine way. Oh... and with a smile in our face and always with good energy (because it is part of our essence to face life like that)!

We started dating at 14 and traveling together at 16 (we have already traveled 48 countries and 5 continents. After our wedding in 2016, we decided to create the Honeymooners project and continue the adventure of traveling the world, but from here dressed as newlyweds.

Being I Love Douro Ambassadors is a source of pride for us! Douro region is simply one of the most glorious places on the planet and it is a joy for us to be able to live in it! We are both born in Moimenta da Beira, passionate about our region and we love the @ilovedouro project that we have been following since the beginning and with which we identify 100%!