Milton Ferreira

Milton Ferreira ferreira

I am Milton Ferreira and my passion for the Douro region started very early, since I started my professional career, and today I continue to develop a gastronomy and identity that helps to take Douro wines together with ours enriching gastronomy.

From a young age, curiosity for good food started but it was at the age of 15 that I decided to start working in the area as a cook due to the motivation and advice of my father who was at the time Chef, the pride I have for him and what he was doing drove my trip to the hotel and tourism school of lamego now in the Douro.

It was three years of constant learning with all the trainers who helped me and taught me the foundations that continue today and accompany me. Among all the magnificent trainers, chef Alexandre stands out for his unparalleled professionalism and who consulted at the Quinta do Portal restaurant where I started to work part-time. However, I received the proposal to work at Quinta do Portal with Chef Alexandre and I ended up accepting and starting a difficult but attractive project 11 years ago.

However, Chef Alexandre left the consultancy and I assumed the position of cook of 1st chief chef later.

Since then I started to create a philosophy of my own and Quinta do Portal, selling experiences to those who visit us together with fantastic wines that the company provides us created by our distinguished winemaker Paulo Coutinho.

The need to learn more techniques, more recipes, meet teams and ways of working led the company to provide me with internships and events in Brazil Garden restaurant in Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro, Israel, Spain at D. Sancho in Zamora, England Portal restaurant in London, Canada in Montreal at Café Ferreira and Restaurante Helena. In the United States in New York at the restaurant Douro e Gaia. In Hong Kong at the Japanese Suzuki restaurant.

In these internships I had the opportunity to meet and learn from very special chefs and with great technical and practical knowledge that still influence my ideas today.

In Portugal I did an internship at Yeatman in Porto and more recently at Bela Vista in the Algarve with two great names in current Portuguese cuisine, who make a difference, Chef Ricardo Costa and Chef João Oliveira.

Today I continue to develop a gastronomy of memories, of striking flavors, with very own ideas and a very natural vision of our traditional Portuguese cuisine from north to south that has a lot to offer us.

I insist that our gastronomy is present at our customers' table with Quinta do Portal wines that create their own identity with a team that makes the experience we seek to give possible. Where wines are always combined with our delicacies that form unique moments that last in memory.