They and Road

They and Road

Hi! We are They & Road: Bruno, 26 years old, and Maria, 27 years old, a couple with 9 years of history and it is life on two wheels that we choose for us.

We are from Coimbra, coimbrinha, as they say here. It's funny, because our project (They & Road) started exactly as our trips or tours start. We simply remember to go, take things and go.

The North is our “land”, not of origin but of passion, it was our real first trip together (already remote to 2012) and it was there that we lived the most intense and beautiful holidays to date!

It was the first land we chose to participate in one of the best known events in the fight against Prostate Cancer (Distinguished Gentleman's Ride) that takes place on the same day in various parts of the world.

The way we live and show what is best in Portugal for us is the greatest satisfaction of every weekend, hence it is always Us and the Road.