Casa do Rio Wine Hotel

Castelo Melhor

Over the past decade, Quinta do Vallado decided to increase its area of vineyards, having chosen the Upper Douro as the most favorable location to do so. Quinta do Orgal was acquired, and in 2015 an extension to the Wine Hotel at Quinta do Vallado was inaugurated - Casa do Rio. Strategically located between the vineyards and the Douro River, this building is built almost entirely out of wood and is ""suspended"" over an ancient water line. This Boutique Hotel features six rooms and two stunning suites secluded from the main building, all of which have a stunning view over the Douro River. Guests can experience a unique stay in the heart of the Douro Superior, where they'll be able to enjoy multiple activities on land and on water: hikes, boat rides, kayaking, wine tastings and show-cookings. The Hotel has a fabulous infinity pool overlooking the Douro.

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