Douro Valley in a Tesla

Peso da Régua

This is an evening experience that allows us to take advantage of the clean skies that the Douro has to offer, during the summer months.

The Experience starts in the afternoon, when we meet in Porto. From there we will have a 1h30 trip to our first destination, the Casal de Loivos viewpoint, considered the best view of the Douro and one of the 7 best viewpoints in the World.

From there we descend to the village of Pinhão, where we will take a 1 hour cruise included in this experience. In this way we will be able to marvel at the grandeur and size of the largest producers in the region.

Then it's time to head to the Quinta where we will learn about the production process of Port wine from this small producer, with award-winning wines of recognized quality.

We end the visit with a tasting of these fantastic products. Then, we will make a commented tour of the vineyard, where we can enjoy the vines and the terroir, talk about the Douro grape varieties and other products that make this region unique.

Our visit at the Quinta ends with dinner while the sun sets behind the hills.

The magic moment is now happening: we will go to the top of one of these hills, where a telescope will be mounted so that we can proceed to the observation of stars. On a typical night, we will be able to observe Jupiter and its moons, Saturn and its rings, Mars and Venus. We will also have the opportunity to glimpse the constellations of the northern hemisphere, some relevant stars, satellites passing over us and explore some of the Moon's most striking features.

After the observation session, we start the journey back to Porto.

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