Nicolau de Almeida

Vila Nova de Gaia

Nicolau de Almeida is a family company that inherited a spirit characterized by research and innovation, highlighting its important contribution to the development of dry Douro wines. João Nicolau de Almeida together with his children now represent the 5th generation of the family in the production of wines. They are winegrowers and produce Douro and Port wines from their Quinta do Monte Xisto, located in the Douro Superior, in Vila Nova de Foz Côa, where they practice organic farming since their plantation. After the vinification is done, the wines go to the Gaia Cellars where they are aged, bottled and shipped.


In Gaia the climate is Atlantic, which contrasts with the Mediterranean climate of the Douro, being the ideal natural place to finish the process of making their wines. Here is also a place to share their stories about the vineyard, wine and life! Visits and work coexist in an organic way, alternating days of greater tranquility and others of greater hustle and bustle with wine works in process. An experience that stands out from other cellars in Gaia for its familiar, informal and exclusive dimension. Do a visit and tasting of Nicolau de Almeida’s Douro and Porto wines and/or book in advanced a meal overlooking the Douro River and Porto city.

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