Quinta do Beijo


Anyone who arrives feels at home. That's how it is in Quinta do Beijo. It's a family estate but is above all an estate of hospitality and mutual aid.

The Monteiro's family leads, the whole family roll up their sleeves and all contribute to make Quinta do Beijo and unforgettable place in the heart of the Douro Region, classified by UNESCO, in December 2001, as World Heritage. Celeirós a wine producing village is located in Douro, at 25 km from Vila Real, in Sabrosa municipality, filled with landscapes of vineyards and terraces that characterize the Douro Wine Region, the first regulated region of the world.

The Douro rises in terraces in History and stories. From a challenging soil, born the best of all wines - the Port Wine - thanks to the incredible work of men and women whom over centuries never gave up, creating conditions to make the Douro unique ecosystem. It's here, in the heart of the Douro, where our estate is located.

With 15 hectares of vineyard and olive trees, Quinta do Beijo born from the oldest "Armazéns do Calvário", with a century of History. But it's now restored and it's with new energy that makes it known through high-quality wines and promising olive oil. But Quinta do Beijo is, essentially, a large family of wide smiles.

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