Quinta do Panascal


Quinta do Panascal has been open to the public since 1992, one of the first to be so in the Douro valley region.

Panascal's educational audio-tour allows guests to wander independently through vineyards dramatically situated atop rolling hills overlooking Távora River and the "lagares" (traditional granite tanks).

This self-guided audio-tour allows visitors in their own time to visit the vineyards and is available in 9 languages - Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Danish and Japanese. 

Our visitors' centre also offers a variety of Ports by the glass including old Tawnies and the first fully certified organic Port so you can discover the diversity of Port Wine. You can also ask for a refreshing "Siroptimo" (Siroco and tonic) or, should you prefer, reserve a tailor-made tasting including some excellent Fonseca Vintages.

During the grape-harvesting season, visitors can enjoy the unique experience of watching grape treading in the "lagares", where Fonseca Port wine is still produced in the traditional way.

We also have a small wine shop where the full range of Fonseca's Ports may be purchased.

Gourmet Dining

Quinta do Panascal: a special place to enjoy a delicious meal with friends and family! (*for groups of 10 people or more.)

The Wine Estate provides a great choice of main course meals from local specialties such as cabrito (Roast kid) to delicious bacalhau (cod fish) including other light options. Life doesn't get much better than sitting outside on a warm, sunny day; gazing over the Távora Valley vineyards; and enjoying fine food and wine.

Reservations are necessary.

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