Exposição Esperança

Exposição Esperança

30 July 2020



Last year, by this time, the Historic Center of Sernancelhe would be decked out to host another edition of the SER + Cultura event, an initiative that combined the heritage of the Municipality's headquarters with a poster of music and shows, theater, exhibitions, sports, literature, multimedia and food stands. This year, and due to Covid-19 and the restrictions imposed by the General Directorate of Health, the event was suspended but the Municipality wants the culture in the streets so it can be accessible to anyone visiting Sernancelhe. That is why, between 10 July and 10 August, the exhibition “Esperança” takes place, an outdoor art event, which can be seen by everyone who places the county on the visit route this summer.

In this way, an exhibition that goes beyond the SER + Cultura event will be available, where sculpture, painting, photography, artistic installations, literature and street art will dominate the Historic Center and Avenida das Tílias, the main artery of Sernancelhe.

Art through the streets, artists creating live pieces and new forms of culture at the disposal of those who arrive at the county seat are the Municipality's purposes. The Chamber thus also assumes the objective of boosting traditional commerce, which will happen with the placement of pieces by artists who were part of previous editions of SER + Cultura in areas served by cafes and restaurants and by spaces where local cuisine can be enjoyed.

“Esperança” is therefore a unique initiative, which takes place in this context of great restrictions, as a way of reviving economically and culturally the Municipality that owns the brand Terra da Castanha, thanks to the harmonious way in which it was able to value new concepts with the ancestral knowledge of its people. Therefore, it challenged, in the most intense months of the pandemic, the nearly 300 users of the Sernancelhe Play Centers, promoted by CLDS-4G, to participate in a multicolored construction in crochet that conveyed a message of hope and joy in the face of the unique moment experienced for all. The result is in sight, with pieces as beautiful as they are valuable, which will be displayed on Avenida das Tílias during the month of the “Esperança” exhibition. In addition to these 300 users, more works by different national and international artists are included in this exhibition.

The starting point for the visit to the exhibition will be at the Interactive Tourism Store, where a mini guide will be provided with the itinerary, indicating the exhibition points, a brief presentation of the artist or association and the exhibition concept of each piece, taking place the entire outdoor exposure.

We are sure that Sernancelhe deserves your visit.