Enter Órbita with Nicolau de Almeida

Enter Órbita with Nicolau de Almeida

7 October 2022


The union of marriage and wine alchemy created the brand João Nicolau de

Almeida & Filhos, represented by a star - once the symbol of the old Nicolau

de Almeida branch company, giving continuity to the secular presence of the

family in the production of wines in Douro.

For this family, the notion of diversity plays a very important role. Aware of

concepts such as difference, plurality, different angles of vision,

heterogeneity, communion of opposites, intersection of differences or

mutual tolerance, they carry this approach to their farming, to their wines,

and to their lives. They totally exclude the use of chemicals, preserve, and

promote (bio)diversity at Quinta do Monte Xisto.

As a family they taste and release their wines - the harvest is full of high

temperatures, of shale dust in the air. Strong summers that heat up a terroir

of unique flavors.

Quinta do Monte Xisto is located in the Upper Douro, in Vila Nova de Foz

Côa, surrounded by the most beautiful Douro landscapes that give life not

only to its wines, but also to a unique culture.

It is in these lands, once used for planting vineyards, olive trees, almond

trees and cereals, that an enchanting terrace is born, which reveals itself as

the stage for stories, sharing, memories of a life among the vineyards, the

terraces and the unique Douro life. A place to contemplate the Douro and sit

friends around the table in a balance of the Oriente - just like the wine!

Far away from Quinta do Monte Xisto, where the Douro River flows into the

sea separating the city of Porto from Vila Nova de Gaia, the so-called "terroir"

continues. João Nicolau de Almeida and his sons found in Gaia the ideal

natural place to finish the process of making their wines and a home to

share their stories about the vineyard, wine, and life!

Among the paths on the Gaia dock we find the Adega Nicolau de Almeida - a

family wine tourism space where you can taste the blend between Douro

and Porto, a perfect balance between two climates, two (co)connected lands.

The winemaking is completed in this winery, where the wines are aged and


Among the hustle and bustle of a working space and the concern to serve

good wines, one feels a calmness that prevents ageing, a trust in the Douro

culture, and a sharing of a common love - wine.

In the words of João Nicolau de Almeida, "We are part of a whole and it is in

this whole that we seek to integrate our Quinta". From visiting the cellars, to

wine tastings, to lunches in the Douro or in Gaia, the experience is created

around its audience, in Órbita with Nicolau de Almeida.

Wine is the pretext for life and in this family, you will always find freshness

and acidity but with elegance and structure. Enter Órbita!