Gran Cruz is now Granvinhos

Gran Cruz is now Granvinhos

13 January 2023


Since the 1st of January 2023, the Gran Cruz group has a new official denomination: Granvinhos. The recent designation follows the merger by incorporation of the companies C. da Silva and Companhia União dos Vinhos do Porto and Madeira into Gran Cruz Porto.

Thus, all the activities of production and marketing of wines, as well as the distribution of spirits of La Martiniquaise, in Portugal, are now concentrated in the Granvinhos group. This is an essential step to concentrate resources in order to provide the existing structure with a greater capacity to respond to the new challenges and growing needs of the group”.

This merger is part of a rationalization and growth strategy for the group. However, in no way affects the individual commercial names of the already existing and most prominent brands within the merged companies: Porto Cruz, Porto Dalva, Porto Presidential and C. da Silva retain their names in the markets.

The start of the new year for Granvinhos is also marked by the acquisition of 60% of the company Vicente Faria Vinhos, S.A., the second largest exporter of Douro Wine; by the acquisition of the Albergaria brand, which markets the Bitter Almond Liqueur and Sour Cherry Liqueur; and by the plans to build a modern, efficient, and sustainable winery at Quinta do Cedro, in Rodo, Peso da Régua.